Knowledge Graph

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Your Customers Journey Starts With A Question

People search for your business and brand starting with a question. Today, more than ever now with The Powerhouse Listing you get the results you deserve and can take your business to the next level. With The Powerhouse Listing Knowledge Graph your guaranteed to appear everywhere your customers are searching. 

Landing Page

Quickly post schema-optimized landing pages that increase organic discovery-ability.

Search Domination

Guide your customers in finding where to buy your products, as soon as they search for them.

Geographical Domination

Does your brand's service vary across geographies? Let customers in different regions know what's available to them.

Explore The Possibilities

The Powerhouse Knowledge Graph

The Knowledge Graph is a Polygraph of your businesses information and a revolutionary source of power to your businesses online presence. Whether if it's information about your store location, or if it's an update of your operating hours dominating the internet is guaranteed!